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Cellphones Don't Raise Risk of Brain Tumors in Kids, Study Finds

Credit: AFP/Getty Images
Put down that cell phone, child! It'll rot your brain and give you cancer!
No reason to put the fear of God into your iPhone-loving kid. We can't comment on the brain rot, but a new study does show that chil...
Researchers found kids with brain tumors don't use cellphones any more often than kids who are cancer-free.

Sunbathing Australian teens advertise for boys

A group of teenage girls, fourteen and fifteen years old, had the brilliant idea of writing their mobile phone numbers on their backs with blue skin cream so that boys could see them when the girls were sunbathing. The girls were hoping to attract so...

Choosing a family cellphone plan

We're usually way behind the times in our house, sort of Little House on the Prairie, only with a microwave and high-speed internet. We didn't get a 2nd vehicle until we had three kids and the mapping of who needed to be where and when became overw...

Teens: hang up and drive in California

Yesterday, Governor Schwarzenegger signed a bill prohibiting teenagers from using "mobile service devices" -- including cell phones, iPhones, pagers, laptops, and other such gadgets -- while driving. There are already more than a dozen other states t...

Numbers for your cellphone

Life as a parent is very different from life BK -- Before Kids. (Duh!) When you don't have kids, you can do all kinds of things without having to worry too much about the consequences. You can drink two litres of wine and go skateboarding down the mi...

Was texting the cause of fatal crash?

Back in the middle of June, I reported on a study that found that two-thirds of kids aged 18 to 24 thought it okay to send text messages while they were driving. I didn't think it a good idea then and my feelings haven't changed after reading this ar...

Too many girls have my son's cell phone number

About a month ago I upgraded our family cell phone plan to include a line for my two oldest children, ages 14 and 10. Unleashing kids, especially a teen, with cell phones is always a risk and one I have not taken lightly. We have already had some iss...


I sometimes talk on the phone while I drive. I've done it for nearly twenty years. I almost always use a hands-free headset. Some people think that's okay and some don't. Apparently, however, some young'uns think it's okay to do more than that. Accor...

The Mouse goes mobile

The Disney Corporation is big. They own movie studios and television networks. They've got eleven theme parks scattered around the world as well as a cruise line and thirty-five resort hotels. They've got more stores than Carter's got pills. All that...


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