Links We Love: TGIF Edition

Demi Moore loves to tweet. Credit: Jesse Grant, Wireimage
It's been a long week around these parts, and we're looking forward to a chance to put our feet up and hang out with our pals in the blogosphere. Lots of great stuff out there to re...

Links We Love: Runaway Moms, Unschooling and Twitter

You tweet, they are listening. Credit: Getty Images
Twitter: What Not to Do: If you are a Twitter newbie then you'll want to get a quick handle on what NOT to do when engaging in Twitter. Here is a (brief) run down: Don't tweet out anything th...

Dating With Kids - A Dad's Point of View

Dating is hard enough when you're a parent -- what about introducing your date to the kids? Or having sex??? It is human nature to desire a partner in life. Almost all of us want someone with whom to share our existence -- to soar with on the ups ...

Facebook Moms Who Share Too Much

Do your Facebook status updates include the details of your child's poop? You might want to rethink that, and fast. Facebook may have gotten its start as an exclusive club for college kids, but it has since evolved into a free-for-all for anyone o...

Tips for minding your kids

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to lose your child, to just be walking around out there when suddenly, bam, she's missing? Has it ever actually happened to you? I don't think any of us wants to relive the recent saga of what happened...


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