Links We Love: Mixed Bag Edition

It was a busy week in the blogosphere, folks, with Jillian Michaels clarifying her statements on pregnancy and a woman's body and the dance troupe of scantily clad little girls shaking it to "Single Ladies." But there was plenty of other good stuff...

Dooce Talks HGTV With ParentDish

Dooce is headed to HGTV. Credit: Heather Armstrong
Heather B. Armstrong, known online as Dooce, is on a roll. Since she began blogging in 2001, traffic to her site has skyrocketed, leading to a New York Times bestseller and now... a TV deal. ...

Mommy Blogger: 'TSA Took My Son' - TSA: We Don't Think So

This month was a big one for hoaxes involving parents. The big one, of course, was Falcon Heene, aka "Balloon Boy." Except that he turned out to be "Going-Along-With-Dad's-Stupid-Idea-Boy" and now Richard Heene, the father, may be charged with a c...

Baby Pulls Fire Alarm, Parenting 'Round the World and More - Links We Love

A neighbor's three-year-old repeatedly comes across the street to visit without her parents' knowledge, sometimes for up to an hour. Call CPS, talk to the parents, or just keep waiting for her to get picked up ... what would you do? -- MomLogic Di...

Nirvana cover baby now a teenager

If there's one thing that's controversial among parents who blog, it's whether or not it's appropriate to post pictures of your children online. Some parents worry that it isn't safe, while others are concerned that their children will view it as an ...

Parent Dish Size Six: Ways to Know You're a Mommyblogger

There's an interesting conversation going on at another post about if mommybloggers are "creepy." If you're a Mom who happens to blog, you have probably caught yourself asking "Am I a Mommyblogger?" I know I sure as heck have. So, I bring to you six ...

Blogging Baby Sleepover: Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

It's the holidays! Time to visit family. So let me let you into the members of my extended Toronto blog family tonight. I don't keep a blogroll on my site, but I'll take this opportunity to wax poetic on some of my usual stops when I have a rare and...

Mommybloggers blog about "love"

The Mommybloggers are currently featuring a "Rumble O' Love" on their site:  several of the mom-bloggers we know and love have expressed their thoughts on, well ... love. The emotions expressed in the "rumble" (which began o...


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