Monopoly Deal Card Game

Deal and steal playing Monopoly's new card game. Credit:
Looking for a fast-paced, quick card game to play with the family on a rainy spring afternoon?
Check out the Monopoly Deal Card Game. Based on the uber-popular boar...
This fast-paced card game will have you dealing and stealing.

New Monopoly has Circular Board, Songs and Credit Cards

"Monopoly: Revolution Edition " features a circular board. Credit: Hasbro Games
In honor of Monopoly's 75th Anniversary, Hasbro is releasing MONOPOLY: Revolution Edition. What makes it new? A circular board, plastic pieces and an "electronic game...

DailyDish - Monopoly still the king of board games

With multiple players, varying levels and thematic design, Monopoly is a game that can be enjoyed by the whole family, even young children....

We had stomach flu this weekend, and it was kind of nice

Both of my kids had the stomach flu (noro virus, I believe) over the weekend. I did forty million loads of laundry, washed my hands so many times they cracked, and stayed in the house (and in my pajamas) for the greater part of three days. But honest...

Electronic monopoly?

Hey--guess what I just found out? We have electronic monopoly! Ok, so I know there was a version out in the 80's that rolled the dice for you and that kind of thing, but this one is more like an electronic banking system--there's no paper money inv...

Vote to change the Monopoly board

Well we've talked about Monopoly before, but a-hem, our blogger didn't exactly like the game. But now you can change the board. Monopoly was introduced in 1935 and now, in 2006 is getting 'modern'. The board will be updated with the names of landmar...

Monopoly haters, unite! Board game teaches bad capitalism, says authors

In researching my previous article about The Game of Life, I came across this fascinating dissection of Monopoly from Benjamin Powell and David Skarbek, two writers for The Mises Institute. Ludwig von Mises was from what became known as The Austrian ...


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