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What Would You Do if Your Child Was Suspended for Not Being Potty Trained?

Start working on potty training if you don't want your kid to get suspended. Credit: Getty Images A recent article in the Washington Post tells the tale of 3-year-old Zoe, who was -- no joke -- suspended from Arlington Public Schools' ...A recent article in the Washington Post tells the tale of 3-year-old Zoe, who was suspended from Arlington Public Schools' Montessori preschool for not being potty trained.

Montessori Preschool

Each Montessori preschool employs the teaching methods originated by Maria Montessori in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The Montessori educational philosophy is based on the idea that children develop and think differently than...

The summertime blues

Today was Ellie's last day of school. Not only did today mark the official beginning of summer for us, it also marked the end of Ellie's days at her Montessori school. I am sad for many reasons, but mostly I am sad for Ellie. She won't be back next y...

The taming of the toddler

As a rule, toddlers are a fairly uncivilized bunch. They bellow whenever they feel so inclined. Gaseous emissions are commonplace anywhere they happen to be. Food flinging is not out of place. You get the idea. So just when is the best time to introd...

Different schools with different schedules make for a harried mom

All three of my children attend different schools. My oldest son is in a small, private Waldorf school. My daughter attends a public, Montessori charter school and my toddler is at a private Montessori preschool. None of the schools operate on the sa...


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