Skipping a grade in school

In my state, a child must be five years old on September 1st in order to enroll in kindergarten. Ellie missed that date by three weeks, meaning she couldn't officially start kindergarten until she was almost six years old. Instead, she attended a pri...

Preschool preview night

Jared got very lucky and was accepted into an excellent preschool program -- the Child Study Center (CSC) at San Francisco State University. We would love for Sara to go there as well, but the administrators seem to think that, despite the 1500 unive...

Montessori: where's the controversy?

I've come to really love Alex's little toddler school.  She's been attending the school for going on a year, and she can't get enough of it -- she has quite a fondness for the teachers, and every morning she asks if she can "go to school&qu...


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