Make Every Day a Happy Day With Your Kids

Routines are the glue that stick together the hours and activities in our days. On a good day, Cabin Fever only has to remind her children to do things once. (On a day of amazing fabulosity, I'd never have to remind anyone of anything at all; but tha...

DailyDish - Accept the things you cannot change

Even the most fool-proof morning routine can be wrecked by unforeseen disaster....

Waking kids

I have to admit -- mornings are not our strong suit around here. In fact, if I were in school today, my parents would be getting regular visits from truancy officer to discuss my tardiness. My weekday mornings consist of working on stories for Parent...

Five minutes more

I have never been much of a morning person. Even before I had kids, I had trouble getting up in the mornings; now that I am permanently enveloped in a haze of parental fatigue, it's even worse. I easily sleep through alarms and the idea of waking up ...

Playing hooky

Nolan's nanny is slightly green when she arrives at our doorstep, her eyes underlined with purple black. "Hi Tit!" Nolan yells, and I shush him. "Are you OK?" I ask her,"You look a little off." "I'm sick,"she said,"My stomach is sick, but I know Tues...

How does your morning go?

I am not a morning person. I have never been the type to wake up happily and rush headlong into my day. The sound of the alarm clock makes me mad and dragging myself out of bed is difficult. It takes me several cups of coffee and a little time alone ...


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