Bug Off! Soap Keeps Pests at Bay

Get your goat on. Credit: Beekman 1802.
Do you bug out when the bugs are out? Keep the pesky critters at bay the natural way with Beekman 1802 Bug Repellent Bars. Made from goat milk that's naturally scented with citronella, eucalyptus and ...

Yes, That Mosquito Really is After You

Don't scratch that mosquito bite, it may get infected. Credit: Hakan Hjort, Getty Images
If you spend most of your summer days fending off mosquitoes, while most everyone around you seems to be immune, you may think the little pests have it in ...

Acne Lights Discourage Loitering

The presence of teens hanging out in large groups makes many people uncomfortable. If they are stationed in front of a store, they can discourage actual paying customers from shopping there. Rather than push through a crowd of rowdy kids, many of us ...

Use your summer vacation to change the world

If your child is between the ages of five and fourteen, this summer he or she can help change the world by helping to rid it of malaria. According to this, Malaria kills over 3,000 children a day. Malaria is transmitted through the bite of a mosqu...

Stores use sonic sounds to chase away children

When I first read this story, I thought it was a joke. The very idea that there are high-frequency sounds that children care hear that adults cannot is news to me. But apparently it is true, and some shops in London are using that sound to drive misb...

They've invented "teen repellent." Seriously.

By emitting an ultrasonic sound only audible to those under 25, the "Mosquito" acts as a teen repellent. The sound -- which is similar to that of an actual mosquito -- is harmless, but apparently becomes more annoying the longer you're exposed to i...


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