Nirvana Baby all grown up

Spencer Elden's father had just graduated from art school when he got his first professional job. He was hired to work on an album cover for an up- and-coming band he'd never even heard of. Deciding he needed a baby for the photo, he threw his own so...

What's up with all the dancing?

I've admitted before how much I love "My Super Sweet 16" on MTV, which is funny, considering how angry the show tends to make me. For example, I will usually yell things such as "Don't talk to your mother that way!" or "No brat needs a Lexus!" when ...

Punk rock toddlers

If you spent your formative years rocking out to pre-MTV Rancid albums, buying Fat Wreckords compilations, and screaming "sellout!" every time the Bosstones' Impression That I Get played on the radio, you're a certifiable punk rocker. And what self...

Puck from MTV's The Real World a dad...again!

Via David "Puck" Rainey, who first gained fame as the "spiky-haired, hygienically challenged bike messenger on MTV's third season of The Real World" is a dad again. His wife, Betty, gave birth to their second son, Rocco, on August 6th. Th...

My Super Sweet 16, a rather sour show

After I put the children to bed at night, I will often indulge in a bit of trash TV to decompress from yet another day of mothering. The trashier the show, the better. The other night I happened upon MTV's My Super Sweet 16. This show documents girls...

Tiara Girls, quest for pageant victory

The other night I was channel surfing and happened upon the MTV show, Tiara Girls. Never one to turn down a mindless bit of TV candy, I tuned in for the remainder of the show. I have never seen the show and am basing my observations on this one episo...


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