British Retailer Pulls Padded Bikinis for 7-Year-Olds From Shelves

It's not unusual for little girls to want to strut around the house in shoes with a little high heel or wedge to them. And carrying a tube of lip gloss around in a pint-sized purse? We've certainly seen that before. Yes, there's a fine line bet...

Mumsnet is Latest Site of Online Mommy Wars

A popular group of girls form their own invite-only cliche, complete with secret passwords. The other girls find out, and, feeling left out, starting tearing down the tight-knit group. Pretty soon, the claws come out and the fur starts flying. Names ...

Baby expert threatens lawsuit for negative website comments

A controversial British baby expert has threatened legal action against a website for Mothers because of "gross personal attacks" on her. Gina Ford is a well-known baby guru in England, and a staunch advocate of strict structure for babies. She's a f...


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