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When to Introduce Kids to Music: Early and Often

As a musician, music educator and researcher, parents often ask me when they should begin introducing their children to music. As with most easy questions, there's an easy answer that is incomplete and a more nuanced answer that is correct. Th...You should begin age-appropriate music “lessons” soon after birth, or maybe even before birth.

Music Lessons Now Mean a Sharper Mind Later, Study Finds

Practice the piano, son! It'll make you smarter. Credit: Getty Can't get your kid to commit to her clarinet lessons? Trouble getting Junior to practice the piano? Here's a new bargaining chip: Mastering a musical instrument will make y...One reason to practice the piano: a brain boost as you age.

Avoid the Summer Learning Slide With Educational Activities That are Actually Fun

Even during the jam-packed summer months, be sure to keep up with reading and other educational activities. Credit: Getty
Three months of swimming, sleeping late and watching a heck of a lot of TV can undo nine months of learning. In fact, ...

Tori Amos, Barbie Abuse and Embarrassing Moms - Links We Love

For some girls, Barbie's just a science experiment. Image: Brani's Fashion Dolls on Flickr
Partridge family mom Shirley Jones is thinking of posing for Playboy. At 75. If she's looking to get noticed, that'll do it. -- MomLogic It's all fun ...

Music lessons: not just for kids

When I was a little girl, I wanted to play the flute with all of my heart. Something about the flute in particular struck a chord with me (heh), and when the time came to join the band at school, I couldn't wait to actually touch one with my own two ...

What age did your child begin playing a musical instrument?

When my youngest son, Tommy, was seven, he showed an interest in playing the piano. He "played" it at home and made up songs and played with a keyboard we have. So, we asked him if he would like to begin taking piano lessons and he said yes. But aft...

Musical instruments benefit kids, even if they are electric

Last spring when my son, Loren, began asking for an electric guitar for his birthday, I has some serious reservations. I remembered when I was a child and my older brother ventured into the electrical instrument arena, it was loud and torturous. But ...

Kids want more free time, fewer activities

Thanks, Alan, for this tip. This article didn't make me feel guilty at all. Not one iota. In this article, writer Virginia Anderson points to a survey done by KidsHealth, a division of the Nemours Foundation, a nonprofit organization that studies chi...


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