musical chairs 

How to Play: Musical Chairs

Last one sitting wins! Credit: Getty Images
What you need: A group of children, a bunch of chairs (one fewer than the number of children playing) and music.
How to play: The chairs are arranged in a circle, facing outwards, with the...
Don't get caught standing when the music stops.

How to Play: Pass the Pumpkins

Grab a pumpkin as fast s you can. Credit: Getty images
What you need: Music and small pumpkins and gourds (one less than the number of players). How to play: This Musical Chairs-type game involves passing small pumpkins and gourds. When the mu...

Games that make kids cry

Recently, we attended a birthday party of a little boy who turned eight years old. It was held in a clubhouse at a neighborhood playground and the boy's parents had planned a few games, including musical chairs. That didn't go over so well. The probl...


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