Muslim Girl Back on Basketball Court After Being Benched for Wearing Headscarf

A 12-year-old Muslim girl, benched and forced to miss the first half of her playoff basketball game because of the religious headscarf she wears, is back on the court in full hijab.
A CBS Baltimore TV station reports a referee pulled Maheen Haq,...
A referee benched a seventh grader from a basketball game because of her hijab.

Women-Only Swim Hour for Muslims Makes Waves on Campus

Credit: Matt Roth, Getty Images
Maybe Dara Torres could pull it off, but just try plunging into a pool and sprinting 100 to 200 meters in full-on hijab.
In an attempt to be inclusive to all religious traditions on campus, last week ...
In an attempt to be inclusive to all religious traditions on campus, last week George Washington University started "Sisters' Splash," a female-only swim hour.

Opinion: Muslim Superhero Cartoon Does Not Signal the End of Times

Children's entertainment is fertile ground for political fulminating. Add Islam into the mix, and you've got a recipe for world-class outrage. Today's cause for hysteria? "The 99," a new animated series featuring Muslim superheroes. Based on a com...

Disabled Kids Let Their Imaginations Fly With Wheelchair-Bound Muslim Superhero

Superhero Silver Scorpion has the ability to control metal. Credit: Liquid Comics / AP Your legs were blown off by a land mine. However, you have been granted an extraordinary gift: You can have any superpower you wish. What do you choose? Th...The Silver Scorpion is a Muslim superhero confined to a wheelchair.

Celebrating Ramadan

Ramadan is celebrated by Muslims world-wide. Credit: YimHafiz, Flickr The month-long religious holiday of Ramadan is celebrated by Muslims world-wide and is a time for reflection, self-examination and self-control and acting out one's ...

Opinion: Bacon Should Have No Bearing on Becoming a Foster Parent

When it comes to foster parenting and adoption, agencies should focus on the applicants' ability to care for a child -- not their religion or sexual orientation. And certainly not whether or not they eat bacon. Baltimore's Tashima Crudup, a prac...

Muslim Parents Scrap Agreement On Runaway Daughter

Fathima Rifqa Bary sits in court during her hearing in Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2009. Credit: Ricardo Ramirez Buxeda, Orlando Sentinel / MCT
And they lived happily ever after? Not so fast. Two weeks ago, it looked like the M...

Muslim Girl's Parents End Fight to Get Her Back

Rifqa Bary, shown Sept. 3, 2009 in an Orlando, Fla. courtroom, says she feared her parents would kill her for leaving Islam. Credit: Ricardo Ramirez Buxeda, Pool / AP
A Muslim girl who converted to Christianity doesn't have to return to her paren...

Palestinian Conflict Leads to School Discrimination in Denmark

In case anyone still thinks that what goes on in the Middle East doesn't affect the rest of the world, I submit the curious case of schools in Denmark where headmasters are recommending that Jewish parents not try to enroll their children in the head...

Burkas banned from school pick up

It seems they're pretty serious about carpool chic over there in the Netherlands and Burkas simply don't cut it. Well, actually, it's not so much about fashion as it is security and being able to communicate. According to Ronald Plasterk, the Dutch e...

No barbies for Iranian girls

Barbie, the iconic American fashion doll, is destroying the youth and the culture of Iran. So says Ghorban Ali Dori Najafabadi, anyway. Najafabadi is Iran's Prosecutor General and he wants restrictions on the importation of Western toys in order to p...

Follow-up: British teacher in Sudan pardoned

Remember the British teacher who got in some serious hot water over a class project involving a roving teddy bear? The idea was that children would take turns bringing the bear home and then would write about the bear's adventures. Naturally, the bea...

Veiled teacher controversy continues

The appeal trial for a Muslim school teacher who got fired for wearing a veil in the classroom started yesterday in England. Aishah Azmi was let go from her position as an ESL teacher at a primary school after refusing to remove her veil in the class...

New Muslim magazine looking for teen cover girl

If you know of a Muslim teenage girl, then you might be interested in letting her know about a new magazine. Muslim Girl Magazine, the first magazine of its kind, is looking for teenage Muslim girls to be on the cover. Their first cover girl is the i...

International adoption can be a sticky subject

There's been a lot of stories in the news recently about Madonna's adoption of a boy from Malawi. Although there's a lot of controversy about the adoption going on right now, the issue of adoption, race and religion is an important one. According to...


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