Mom Says Math Homework is Racist

A middle-school math teacher is in the hot seat for including an image of a toothless black man on a homework sheet, and at least one parent is calling the illustration racist. The Courier Times in Bucks County, Pa., reports that the African-A...

Teacher Binds Girls' Hands and Feet to Teach About Slavery

I'm all for a hands-on teaching experience. I think kids can get so much more from touching, experimenting, and doing than they can from books and lectures. But when a hands-on moment humiliates a child, it's taking things way too far. A seventh-g...

NAACP sues Nebraska's governor and a state committee over segregation

The NAACP is suing Nebraska's governor and a state committee who have sought to divide Omaha's public schools into three racially distinct districts. Supporters of the division say that minorities will be able to control their own school boards. Hmmm...


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