nadya suleman 

Octomom Puts Large Families on Defensive

Meagan Francis is expecting her fifth child in just a month. Yes, her fifth child. And no, she's not crazy. Nor is she a religious fanatic, mentally ill, a polygamist or an IVF addict. "I think for the most part we are pretty average people who ha...

Octuplets Mom "Has No Idea What She's Doing," Says Grandma

Octuplets grandma Angela Suleman is speaking out against her increasingly kooky daughter Nadya -- the OctoMom. Her initial support for her daughter's choice to carry eight babies to term is apparently waning as new information reveals the unemployed ...

Octuplets' Mom has "Breeding Disorder"

Can being an only child make you crazy? According to Nadya Suleman's mom, the answer is yes. The grandmother of the California octuplets and their six siblings told Us Magazine that her daughter never liked being a singleton, and blames her desire fo...


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