Nudity - Boundaries for Babies?

Do your kids go naked? Photo: nkpix, Flickr
For most adults, home is the one place where you can let it all hang out, within reason. Young kids, who don't pay attention to social norms, or completely disregard them, have a different set of clothi...

Heather Mills Sued by Nanny for Naked Spray Tans

Heather Mills, who divorced ex Paul McCartney in 2006, may soon find herself back in the courtroom. This time, the Dancing with the Stars alum could be facing down her nanny, who cares for Heather and Paul's five-year-old daughter, Beatrice. The n...

Teen facing porn charges for taking nude pics of herself

What were you thinking? If you're a parent of a teen, you may have found yourself asking this question more than once. According to recent research, if a teen answered the question honestly, they might says, "I wasn't." Experts say that a teen's risk...

Avoiding wet naked men

The "Levenshulme Public Baths and Washhouse" was built more than a hundred years ago, some time in the late 1800's. I know that it's only in the USA that it would be considered old, but I can't help being impressed. Sunny Lowry, the first British wom...

Is it okay to be naked?

I'm not particularly fond of wearing clothes. Sure, there are times when it's necessary to cover up -- to protect against the elements, for example. At home, however, in San Francisco, rarely does the temperature drop so low as to require anything mo...

Do you walk around naked in front of your kids?

My parents were never even remotely naked in front of me. My husband's parents didn't walk around in the nude but they didn't try to hide it either. Interestingly enough, we both ended up feeling pretty much the same way about our bodies. I am rem...

Students get naked, stick it to "the man"

Blogging Baby brings you this breaking news bulletin: college students in Southern California are refusing to obey their parents and other authority figures! Their ploy? Nakedness. Stark. Nakedness. Students at Pomona College have been railing ag...


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