Baby Names: Share or Save?

You've got the baby name. Now, do you share it or keep it secret until she's born? Credit: Getty
In the Internet age, it's tempting to share everything from what you had for lunch to the most intimate details of your life, so it isn't surpris...

Genealogy: A Brief Overview

Genealogy involves studying your family by tracing your relatives' lineage and history. This can give fascinating insight into your ancestors, such as their lifestyles, where they lived and their motivations. When researching your forbearers, you ...

Those Dreamy Jonas Brothers Names

If I had three boys I would name them after the Jonas Brothers! Is that wrong? I love those names and what they mean, even their last name, Jonas. -j.n. If you're wrong, you're certainly not alone. In fact, I can almost hear the voices of othe...

Naming Baby After Dad - Classic or Showy?

My wife and I are considering naming our son after me and calling him EJ for Eric Junior. What is the history of passing down the father's name to his son and is it considered pretentious today? - Dad-to-be Fifty years ago, no one woul...

Florida man trades baby's name for $100 in gas

If the newest celebrity baby names got you buzzing last week, try this one on for size. When Florida resident David Partin's girlfriend, Samantha, gives birth to their son this winter, he'll be named "Dixon and Willoughby Partin." That might not be s...

What's in a (nick)name?

Naming a person is a really big deal. HUGE. With both of my pregnancies, my husband and I labored over the process of choosing names for our children. We were never attached to the idea of a family name, because -- while our ancestors offer up some c...

What's in a name? Choosing names for adopted children

The website for Adoptive Families Magazine is currently featuring an interesting article on choosing names for your adopted child.  While on the surface, it would seem that there shouldn't be any naming issues arising from adoption that wouldn't...

Use Babycenter readers' names for good

So, we loved the list of Babycenter names so much, we decided that we should give you all the opportunity to use these names for good. I mean, it's not really nice to put names like Beans or Ebenezer on a child's birth certificate. But as a nickname?...

Naming your child? Careful... Babycenter's watching

All we have to say is, Gherkin? Ce'Qwoia? Buddah? In a Myr'Acle move, BabyCenter has chosen to post several lists of what they say are the names they're "impressed" with. All these names are real, names parents who use Babycenter have sel...


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