Buying a cell phone for the nanny

Earlier this week, my Nanny was over two hours late in bringing Nolan home. I sat trying to work, my coffee sitting cold in a green mug beside me. I kept glancing out the window, expecting to see her car roll up, wondering, wouldn't I feel a stronge...

Yes, Cate Blanchett IS pregnant!

Cate Blanchett is pregnant. She says so herself. Unlike the rest of the celebrity bump watch bunch, Cate has put to rest any speculation and rumors by coming right out and definitively saing "I am" to the question of whether or not she has a bun in t...

When your nanny takes on more kids

I had a phone call last night from a pleasant-voiced lady named Cindy, wondering about arrangements when Nolan's nanny starts looking after her 3-year-old in January, on a part time basis. You see, our nanny is getting married in February and she can...

Invasion of the nanny snatchers

The title of this Globe and Mail article got my attention. (Mostly because I'm a very immature 33-year-old who giggles at the sight or mention of the word "snatch") I had seen nanny snatching happen on Desperate Housewives. And I've often thought tha...

If you could afford it, would you hire a nanny?

On Nolan's favourite playground in the seaside village near our homes, I hear accents mingled together: Australian, Vietnamese, Phillipino, harmonized into a new language. The women are well groomed: young, smiling women in crinkled shorts and baseba...

Blogging Baby Sleepover for Sunday, October 29

You know, it occurs to me that if we got a second set of garbage cans, I'd only have to deal with them every other week. I'm not sure the neighbors (or Rachel, for that matter) would go for it though. Wouldn't bother me, though, since I mostly have n...

Meet the Nanny

We've looked into to hiring a nanny in the past, but the convenience, low cost, and familial benefits of having my mother-in-law and sister-in-law take care of the kids have so far won out. If something changes, however, and either of them can no lon...


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