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Little Giraffe NapSack

The Little Giraffe NapSack makes for sweet sleep. Credit: Little Giraffe Nap time is happy time -- but when you're away from home, it can be difficult to get your little one to sleep. But you can rest assured: Little Giraffe's sweet ...This super-soft pillow and blanket can be easily toted for naps on the go.

How to Set a Nap-Time Routine

Rubbing eyes? Time for a nap. Credit: jamiesdesigns, Flickr
Figuring out your baby needs more sleep can be a humiliating experience, as anyone with a screaming child in the grocery store or on an airplane can attest. Coming up with a nap time rou...

Sleep on This: Smarter Babies Take Naps, Study Shows

Want your baby to be an egghead? Make sure the kid gets a nap. Credit: 1happysnapper, Flickr
Parents around the world rejoice -- you have yet another reason to love nap time. A new study shows that kids who sleep during the day develop advanced...

When there's no napping at naptime

I am sitting here in my little makeshift office. It's a closet, really, a temporary bus stop until I move in to a new house, and there is a painfully sweet cup of tea on one side of me and a disorganized mass of sticky notes on the other, reminders o...

Battling wills with a 3 year old

Butting heads with a 3.75 year old girl is a challenge, even the odds are in your favor. My daughter is definitely a 'daddy's girl' but sometimes I have to resort to dirty tricks. Redirection is one of my favorite tools. It's the equivalent of Vizzi...


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