Alternative Summer Sports Activities for the Entire Family

NASCAR star Matt Kenseth and his family enjoy a day at the race track. Credit: Getty Images
You've practically been living at the swimming pool, tennis courts and soccer fields this summer. If you love those games and other summer sports -- but y...

Teen Racer Annabeth Barnes Comes of Age in a Fast World and on Film

Annabeth Barnes, 15, races through the new documentary "Racing Dreams." Credit: Chris Keane, Getty Images
For Annabeth Barnes, stock car racing was just a way of life. Her father, Darren, started racing stock cars at 17. Through mutual fri...

Boy Baby Bedding: Show His Love for the Home Team

Is your baby boy a future All-Star? Start him young with sports-themed bedding. Credit: Corbis
Excited about introducing your son to your favorite athletes? Choosing boy baby bedding based on your team spirit can be a fun way to decorate your...

Proud daddy Jeff Gordon shares photos

NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon's website has been updated to include photos of his baby daughter, Ella Sofia, born this past June. Visitors to the Gordon household needn't worry about a Seinfeldesque ugly baby situation, Ella's mother is supermodel Ingrid...


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