NCAA Basketball: 10-Year-Old Boy Correctly Picks Final 4

If you've been following NCAA basketball, you probably know that this year's March Madness was particularly maddening, with a record-breaking number of top-seed upsets.
To put that in perspective, consider that out of the 5.9 million bracket...
Middle-schooler predicted major hoops upsets.

Should Student Athletes Be Paid?

Credit: Skip Peterson, AP The NCAA College Basketball Tournament is in full swing and March Madness is upon us. Have you filled out your bracket yet? Despite all of the attention that the games receive, the only people not making money...

Should College Athletes Spend More Time in Class?

Student athletes might not be hitting the books as hard as they're hitting the field. Credit: Beau Lark, Corbis The BCS National Championship Game is tonight -- Auburn vs. Oregon. That's college football, in case you didn't know. (Or ca...We often wonder how college athletes could possibly be getting a good education if they are on a high-profile team.

Study: Grad Rates Between Black, White Football Players Widening

The annual report by the University of Central Florida's Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport found that the graduation success rate is increasing at a higher rate for white players than black players. Credit: Getty Images
ORLANDO, Fla. (A...
The disparity between graduation rates for white and black players at schools headed to bowl games grew again this year even as overall academic progress increased for both, a study released Monday found.

Study: College Scholarship Athletes Still Pay for School

College athletes with so-called full scholarships should check the fine print. Credit: Garry Jones, AP
COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) - A new study suggests that the so-called "free ride" for college scholarship athletes isn't quite so free. The report by...
A new study suggests that the so-called "free ride" for college scholarship athletes isn't quite so free.

Boy Baby Bedding: Show His Love for the Home Team

Is your baby boy a future All-Star? Start him young with sports-themed bedding. Credit: Corbis
Excited about introducing your son to your favorite athletes? Choosing boy baby bedding based on your team spirit can be a fun way to decorate your...

Basketball Player Suspended After She Throws Punch in Game

Women's college basketball star Brittney Griner has been suspended for two games for punching an opposing player. Griner, who plays for the Baylor University Bears, punched Jordan Barncastle after the Texas Tech player fouled her. Here's a video...

More Vasectomies During March Madness

Ladies, take note: If, come March of next year, your man is suddenly more willing to discuss having his manhood snipped than he was before, he may have an ulterior motive. March Madness. It seems that doctors see an increase in vasectomies duri...

Michael Jordan's Son Awarded Athletic Scholarship

The University of Illinois recently awarded an athletic scholarship to Jeff Jordan, son of the world-famous -- and incredibly wealthy -- basketball star Michael Jordan. The 6-foot-2-inch sophomore turned down two other scholarships to play as a walk-...

Clemson Football star raising eleven-year-old brother

If you're into college football, Ray Ray McElrathbey looks pretty good. ranked him as the 29th best athlete in the nation out of high school. On top of everything that goes along with a football scholarship, he's pursuing a degree in socio...


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