Acupuncture and Pregnancy?

Being pregnant is a beautiful, wonderful thing. It can also be a pain in the--well, it can be a pain in a lot of places. Those of us who've tackled the trail more than once can attest to back problems, leg problems, headaches and swelling places we d...

In Defense of the Fake Christmas Tree

Growing up, if you'd ever asked me if I'd have a fake Christmas tree, I'd have laughed in your face. The fake trees I encountered as a child were tacky, cheap and, frankly, highly flammable. In fact, my grandparents had an artificial tree that nearl...

Vaccinations: they're not just for kids!

According to another one of those pesky recent studies, adults in the United States are not getting their vaccinations. Yes, adults are supposed to get vaccinated too--just because we can legally drink doesn't mean we can totally avoid the needle. ...

For your little viking

When I was a kid, I figured out pretty quick that all that sex and violence and other good stuff I wasn't allowed to see in movies was A-okay when presented in the form of an opera. Woohoo! Not all operas (most, in fact) consist of large women in vik...

Decorated needled help ease the pain

For a variety of reasons my daughter has had to have a battery of blood tests done in the past few months. At just nine years-old she is more than a bit wary of the blood lab; she knows that as soon as she enters that place they are going to wrap a b...

Study clears vaccine as cause of autism

I have delayed getting Nolan's vaccinations. Before you hurl virtual obscenities at me, know that I have him booked next week for an appointment for all of them. But I've been really nervous, largely because of a bad reaction he had with his first ro...


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