Drunk mom tries to pick up kid

A Reno, Nevada woman showed up at her daughter's preschool "grossly intoxicated" and demanded her daughter. When school officials refused to release the girl to the woman, she went on a rampage, smashing a window with a brick and assaulting the schoo...

Theatre bans unaccompanied kids

We were in Carson City a week and a half ago, but little did we know about the controversial change that had taken place at the town's only movie theatre. Beginning February 15th, no one under the age of eighteen would be allowed in the theatre after...

Visiting the railroad museum

One of the things we did while in the Lake Tahoe area was visit the Nevada State Railroad museum. Given Jared's chosen career path, I'm ashamed to say that this is the first time we've been to a railroad museum. We haven't even been to the California...

Not just another child-left-in-car story

Okay, we've all heard the stories... Mom or dad either forget they have the kid with them or just don't care and go inside, leaving the child in a hot car. Sometimes, the kid survives but far too often, the outcome is not so positive. These are sad s...

More Teachers with Guns

A while back, Heather Craven noted that a legislator from Wisconsin suggested teachers could be armed to cut down on school violence. Now, he's been joined by one from Nevada. "I would expect enough teachers would be interested so it would serve as a...

7-year-old drives for drunk dad

A 7-year-old boy from Nevada caught the attention of police recently while driving his parents' car. The SUV was weaving, driving slowly and stopping for no reason. Inside, the police found the boy in the driver's seat and his drunk 37-year-old fath...


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