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Enjoy your time with your children

Gee, that sounds logical. Like no one ever thought of that. Still, I got your attention, no? I'm writing today because an interesting era of my life, albeit a small one, is about to come to an end. Really, it's more like a crashing halt, and one th...

Learning to ask for help

Even though I'm an "older" Mom, (I had Nolan when I was 30), I was the first of my girlfriends to have a baby. Several months after Nolan was born, I brought him over to brunch at my friend Mel's house. I wore my cutest jeans and brushed my hair a l...

Holly Marie Combs baby: hair like Elvis

Cute Charmed actress Holly Marie Combs and her husband David Donoho welcomed their second baby boy into the world on Thursday. The little guy, named Riley Edward, weighed 8 and a half pounds and was 19 inches long. Holly's husband said that Riley smi...

Baby image of the day: cheek to cheek

Some images come with their own internal soundtrack. Like this one. It's entitled, "so happy together," but all I can think of is "....when you're dancing, cheek to cheek..." It rocks, it rolls, it moves and it grooves. This photo...

Baby image of the day: daddy's first love

Remember when he was all moony over you? When you first met and fell in love, and your partner gazed deep into your eyes. You couldn't help but gaze back and it made your heart jump inside you. Now your heart is jumping again, even though he's gazi...

Baby image of the day: makes you want to ovulate

I'm not ovulating right now thanks to the power of breastfeeding (an unreliable birth control method, as we've noted). But images of the tiny just-born babies, ahh, they make me want to give birth again. These photos, they are so evocative of that t...


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