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New Parents Eat More, Exercise Less Than Their Childless Peers

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Diet habits are worse among new parents. Credit: Getty Images Babies add so much to their parents' lives -- love, compassion and, oh, yeah, extra pounds. A new study out of the University of...
Study shows young, new parents take in more calories than their peers who don't have kids.

Romance Advice for New Parents - Make Date Night a Priority

Don't let romance disappear after you have children. Credit: Getty Images
Everyone knows a new baby changes your life, but what parents don't always realize is that it can also change -- and challenge -- your marriage. Late nights and dirty di...

Study: Fewer Parents Putting Babies To Sleep On Their Backs

The nation's "Back to Sleep" campaign hasn't reached all American parents. Credit: Star5112, Flickr.
Since the national "Back to Sleep" campaign began 15 years ago, many parents have learned that placing babies to sleep on their backs can help ...

Do Babies Ruin Friendships?

Becoming a parent at a young age changed my life in many ways, not the least of which was losing the companionship of most of my friends. We were all so young and even though it hurt, I couldn't really blame them for going on with their child-free ...

Newborn Babies Wrapped In Christmas Stockings

Just when you think it's safe to say you don't want anymore babies, someone goes and does something adorable with a newborn. When it comes to cute, not much tops a cuddly newborn baby ... except maybe cuddly newborn babies in Christmas stockings. ...

Mother-in-Laws, Levi McConaughey, and Anti-Princess Reading Lists - Links we Love

So you survived Christmas debt-free. Now you have to get through the winter. Learn how to lower your heating bill now, without freezing out your family. -- AlphaMom Reason #245 to help your mother-in-law stay healthy: Sharing a home with her can r...

Hugh Jackman declines to give parenting advice

Hugh Jackman is no stranger to parenthood. The X-Men star is dad to two children and remembers what it was like to be a new parent. One thing he didn't care for was all the advice lopped at him. As a result, Jackman has endeavored to decline from ...

Baby smiles affect the brain like drugs

When it comes to describing a baby's smile, words like "addictive" and "intoxicating" are frequently used to explain the feeling those gummy rays of happiness have on exhausted parents when they finally appear on Baby's face at around 6 weeks of age....

5 Common New Parent Mistakes

There is nothing like the feeling of terrified exhilaration that first time being left alone and in charge of a new baby. A recent CNN article had an interesting piece on what pediatricians find to be the most common mistakes of new parents. They inc...

Aussie moms quickly resume sex life

A new survey of 500 Australian Moms shows that 78 percent of new mothers are having sex within 8 weeks of giving birth. A further 18 percent are sexually active within 10 weeks. Meaning 96% of Australian Moms have resumed sexual activity by the time ...

Rookie Moms offers great ideas for new parents

Rookie Moms is a site from two self-proclaimed "Geeky Girls" from Berkeley, California who wanted to come up with an activity a day on their site. As they say, "Sometimes for new moms, it's hard to think (admit it, you agree) and it's just nice to be...


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