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Yankee Jorge Posada on Fatherhood and His Son's Health Condition

New York Yankee Jorge Posada started a foundation to help kids with the skull condition from which his son suffers. Credit: Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images One of the most popular players in Major League Baseball, Jorge Posada, catcher ...The Yankee star catcher says being a dad is his favorite part of life.

A-Rod not so tough after all

We've all seen the movie version of the nervous dad-to-be sweating bullets and passing out in the delivery room while his long-suffering wife stoically endures the pain of childbirth. The next scene usually involves poor mom left to fend for herself ...

A-Rod's wife sports obscene tank top at game

I am a firm believer that foul language, be it written or verbal, has its place. If I break a glass or stub my toe I have been known to let an f-bomb fly out of my mouth. But I rarely use profanity in front of my kids and I would never wear a shirt e...


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