Nostalgic 'Nickname' Names Make a Comeback

The Brits are often a little ahead of us when it comes to baby name trends, and they were the first to start reviving old-fashioned, Victorian-era "nickname" names, especially for girls. On the current British popularity list of girls' names, for ...These names haven't been heard in generations.

Can I Avoid Nicknames?

I am due in December, and my husband and I like the name William. The problem is our last name, which ends in "ll" as well, rules out the nickname Will. We do not like any of the other popular nicknames for William. How reasonable is it to expect tha...As many Name Lady readers have told me, nicknames have a life of their own. Parental control only goes so far.

Does My Baby Need a Whole Name?

I want to name my baby boy J.R. as his first name. My grandfather was nicknamed J.R. and I want to name my son in honor of him. Since my husband and I can't agree on what the J and R would stand for I'm thinking of just naming him with initials. Do y...Well, that's a creative solution to a naming deadlock: Not choosing a name at all!

Is He Name-Flirting?

My formal name is Christine. My friends all call me Chris. I like the name Christine, but I'm use to being called Chris. I have a male interest at work who insists on calling me Christine. Is he trying to be formal or is he flirting? - Chris ...

Do I Have to Give Up My Daughter's Cute Nickname?

As a mom, do I ever have to stop calling my child by her nickname? I don't do it in public, as that would embarrass her, but I call her by her nickname at home. - Mom When do you have to stop calling your Vanessa "Nessie" or your Sofia "Fif...

Her Baby Name Sounds Like a Bad Joke

An acquaintance who's due in two months just announced her choice for her baby's name. I immediately noticed the potential for a pun in the name, but I don't think she realizes it's there. Should we tell her, so at least she is aware and makes her ...

How Do I Shed My Childhood Nickname?

My name is Kaitlin, but I've always been called Katie. I feel that 'Katie' is a suitable name for a child and even a teenager, but I am almost 21 and can't seem to shake the little girl nickname. Do you have any suggestions on how to stop being 'Ka...

Are There Rules For Nicknames?

"I was named Margaret when I was born but have been called Peggy all my life. Where in the world does Peggy become a nickname for Margaret? I hate Margaret." "Given name = Richard. Where does nickname 'Dick' come from?" "I've liked the name K...

24 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

Your baby's taste buds are developing now. Credit: GE Healthcare Many moms- and dads-to-be give their baby a cute, weird or amusing nickname like Peanut, Lemon or Chaka Khan before she's born. Does your baby have an in utero nickname? ...

You Can't Hold Back Nicknames

My column on parents who loved the name Edmund but cringed at nicknames Eddie and Ned spurred a flood of reader letters. One message came through loud and clear: Parents, if you think you'll get to control your child's nickname forever, think aga...

I Love the Name, but Hate the Nickname

Dear Name Lady: We love the name Edmund for our son but we strongly dislike Eddie/Ned (I still don't understand where people get Ned from Edmund). We can bear people once in a while asking, "How's little Eddie?" but it is not our intention for...

What's the Right Nickname?

My husband and I named the oldest of my two sons Quinlan and we call him Quinn for short. My father thinks it's confusing and wacky to spell Quinn Q-U-I-N-N. He thinks it should be spelled Q-U-I-N, the first part of his formal name. Is he right? I si...

A Boy Named Precious

My little brother's name is Precious. He's starting school next month and I am scared of what other people will say about him. When he gets older I am so sure that he is going to get teased about his name. Our parents are Nigerian so our middle name...

To Nickname or Not

If you like the shortened version of a name and would probably use that more often than the full version, is it better to just name your child the shortened version? I'm thinking about Lexi, short for Alexa/Alexis, but really prefer using Lexi to the...

Old-Fashioned Baby Names, or Old Ladies?

I love pretty names for our daughter, but also "cute" and old fashioned names. My favorites are Mae, Delia, and Daisy. My husband says that all he can picture when he hears these names is a little old lady. He likes more familiar names like Eliza...


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