Try This: How Do You Deal With Nightmares and Monsters Under the Bed?

For some kids, sleep is a peaceful time to snuggle up with a good stuffed animal. For others, sleep is a time when the monsters come out from under the bed. Scary nightmares seem real and can be traumatizing to kids. These New York moms sha...
Moms give tips on how to battle imaginary creatures and comfort kids after scary dreams.

Kerri Walsh, Gross Moms, and May Day - Links We Love

Can't afford organics in today's economy? One mom explains why she stretches her food dollar to include healthy foods, but doesn't include organics. -- Babble Friday is May Day, a great time to teach your kids a new tradition. Share flowers wit...

Are Sleep Terrors Genetic?

Are nightmares genetic? A recent study seems to point that way. Nightmares, also known as sleep terrors, affect people from childhood through adulthood. Those affected suffer from waking in a panic, normally screaming, confusion and disorientation. ...

Will Ferrell's mom dealt with bullies

Bullying, unfortunately, is a fact of life for many kids. Even funny man and former Saturday Night Live star Will Ferrell had to deal with bullies. The star of the soon-to-be-released Step Brothers says when he was a kid he was taunted by a neighb...

Keeping the monsters away at bedtime

As I mentioned the other day, we're having some issues with sleep over at our house – and it's not the newborn. Possibly experiencing anxiety over his new sister or, more likely, trying out his big boy legs, Nate has been getting out of bed. A ...

Traumatized by Halloween?

Every night since Halloween, Nolan has come sprinting into my room sometime after 2:00, shrieking something about spiders comin' to get him. Sometimes bears. Undoubtedly, he is terrified: his bare feet can't scamper off the floor and under my sheets ...

The dreams of pregnancy

To sleep, perchance to dream... If you're pregnant, sleep now while you can because once the kid arrives, you'll sleep no more. Be aware, however, that your dreams will be a bit different than you might be used to. According to a new study published ...

Ways to help children to cope with fear

If you're the parent of a child who has fears, you may feel like you're going to be searching for the Boogieman all the way through high school. Now that Halloween is almost here, monsters and goblins are lurking everywhere. As a parent, what should ...


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