Parenting Advice: Easy to Give, Harder to Take

I'm not an expert, I'm just a parent. I like that line. It's true and it (sort of) gets me off the hook. When this job was first offered to me, I said, well, I love writing and I have four kids, but please don't ask me to give advice. Nobody should...

First year molars are big bullies. Help!

I'm operating on about two hours of sleep. Coffee. Need coffee. I'm pretty sure due to his excessively swollen gums, Wito's first molars are attempting to break through. First year molars aren't messing around, people. They scoff at the pansy, itsy-b...

Crying babies hazardous to your health

Who needs a highly scientific study to prove that theory? I'm living proof! As I sit here writing this article, I'm sporting a lovely burgeoning black eye from a 4 am head-banging last night. And I'm not speaking of the Enter Sandman variety, either....


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