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Kinect Isn't the Only Game In Town: 3 More Innovations in Gaming

Microsoft's new Kinect system, which lets players control Xbox 360 games with nothing more than their own bodies, has justifiably made a big splash in the gaming world. But it's far from the only gaming innovation popping up this holiday season. Chec...These new games and devices make playing a video game a wholly new and different experience.

The biggest gift of all

Ellie has recently shown an intense fascination with her own babyhood, so we spent a good chunk of this past weekend strolling down memory lane. We brought out the photo albums and videos and settled in to reminisce about days gone by. Many of the ph...

Wee lad offers Wii to we who donate

Since he was about three, Tyler Strasser has been collecting items to give to the poor. This year, in an attempt to get more people to contribute to his toy drive, he offered up the chance to win a Nintendo Wii as an incentive. The Wii is the hot vid...

Nintendo offering Wii rainchecks

A raincheck is not the same thing as wrapping a box containing a long-wished-for Wii system under the tree, but it's better than nothing. Nintendo announced it will make "Wii Rainchecks" available to those who pay for a system on December 20th and 2...

Head to Best Buy early this Sunday if your kid wants a Wii

We've been talking a lot about gaming here recently. I haven't thought much about whether or not my kid should have access to video games, as -- at least at 2 1/2 -- she's not coordinated enough to work the controller on our old Nintendo 64. But, as ...

Toddler plays the Wii

Just yesterday a 2-year-old boy at my daughter's daycare amazed me by recognizing and pronouncing every letter of the alphabet. If that isn't awesome enough, his parents only speak Chinese at home. Then, this morning, I found this. It's another sh...


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