Product Recall: Nintendo Wii controller wrist straps

Nintendo of America Inc., in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is voluntarily replacing the wrist straps used with controllers for the Nintendo Wii video game system. The wrist straps originally included with the game system ha...

GamerDad gives an honest review of the new Wii

In the past couple of weeks I have come to appreciate the guys at GamerDad. They are a group of honest, hardworking guys who all have children and happen to truly enjoy their video games. As a mother of a teen who also loves video games, I often stru...

Looking for hot toys for the holiday season? Pre-order them.

It happens every year; there are a few truly "hot' toys or gadgets that everybody and their cousin wants or needs for the holidays. For the next six weeks, the evening news will have an almost nightly snippet showing parents lining up outside of stor...

Wii is coming! Wii is coming!

Young boys, and a few men, the world over are practically vibrating with anticipation at the thought of a yet another game console coming into their universe. In just a few short days, Nintendo will release its coolest game console ever, the Wii. I ...

Nintendo toys from before the age of video games

If there's any justice in this world, in eight years my daughter will become a full-fledged Nintendo junkie, just so I can trudge up to her room and say something totally dad-like, such as, "Juniper, it's such a beautiful day outside. Why don't you p...

Princess Peach Nintendo commercials: this mama loves 'em

All of a sudden, everyone's talking about Princess Peach. Yesterday I was immediately struck - in one of those amazed, pleased, warm-and-fuzzy ways - when I saw that the commercial, with beautifully-gowned "princesses" running through an Ar...

Gamer Dad reviews games for parents

At first blush, this little ditty from the BBC practically reeks of moth balls and formaldehyde, painting a picture of parents as stuffy, out-of-touch purebreds disconnected from the video game culture of their kids. Now, I'm sure that there are some...

Must-have Christmas accessory for parents: Energizer 15-Minute Battery Charger

Okay, okay. I know it's two days before Christmas, and thus a teensy bit late for recommending purchases. But I couldn't pass up suggesting an accessory that's a necessity for any family with a slew of techno-gifts under the tree. Given that I just p...


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