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Noah Cyrus is Not Designing Lingerie

Noah and Miley Cyrus on January 30 in Toluca Lake, California. Credit: David Aguilera, BuzzFoto / FilmMagic
Many news outlets are reporting that Noah Cyrus and her friend Emily Grace Reaves are collaborating on what Perez Hilton called a kiddie...

Noah Cyrus, 9, Caught On Tape Being Provocative - Again

Nine-year-old Noah Cyrus, sister of tween sensation Miley, filmed herself covering the provocative lyrics to "Tik Tok" by pop star Ke$ha. Noah has been in the news a lot this year, thanks to her hair-raising displays of sexuality in photogra...

Miley Cyrus Attacks Angelina and Madonna's Parenting

Miley Cyrus thinks celeb parents shouldn't parade their kids in public. Credit: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
Seventeen-year-old superstar Miley Cyrus says in an Irish TV interview that she "really disagrees" with the way Madonna and Angelina Jolie ...

Noah Cyrus Performs Sexy Song In Front of Famous Sister and Friends

It's not just Miley Cyrus who has parents raising their eyebrows anymore. Her younger sister Noah is also finding herself facing some disapproval after the release of a racy, rendition of a popular song. Though her older sister Miley may...

Should You Shield Your Child from Pop Culture?

Should you shield your kids from pop culture? This is a question many parents wonder about these days as role models for children have become increasingly less wholesome. Parents, however, are also susceptible to media influences an...

Miley Cyrus' 9-Year-old Little Sis Gets Halloween All Wrong

Noah Cyrus, 9, dressed for Halloween. Juan Rico, Fame Pictures
When we saw this photo of Noah Cyrus, teen sensation Miley Cyrus' 9-year-old little sis, in an extremely sexualized Halloween getup, we just gasped. Dlisted, who published the phot...

Next Up, A Pole-Dancing Doll

Would you buy your daughter a pole-dancing doll? Credit:
Gizmodo has an item about a new doll. Does it burp? Does it breastfeed? Nope. It dances. On a pole. If anyone was wondering if the world was doomed, here is your confirmat...


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