Non-Toxic Antibacterial Cleaners Take the Worry Out of Clean

Germs, be gone! Credit: Method
Before we had kids, we didn't spend much time thinking about germs. But now ... Let's face it, kids are germ-y. So, we admit to being a little obsessed with germs these days. But here's the thing: Most of the c...

Wooden shopping cart from Plan Toys

I am definitely adding this cart to my Christmas list. (Mom, are you reading this?) Sure, it would be great for pretend play, but the cart could also double as a push toy for Wito on our long and winding walks. He is starting to show an interest in p...

It's Easy Being Green: playhouses with a conscience

As you may or may not know, I'm on a mission to make smarter choices with my purchasing power. We are really trying not to buy yet another toy that will never biodegrade because it's made with toxic plastics. I'm currently looking for playhouses for ...

Seventh Generation publishes book on natural cleaning

Do you worry about cleaning your house with toxic chemicals, but you aren't sure what you should use instead? Look no further than Seventh Generation's new book, Naturally Clean, The Seventh Generation Guide to Safe & Healthy Non-Toxic Cleaning. ...


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