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Girl Bitten By Shark: 'I Forgive Him'

Six-year-old Lucy Mangum grabbed headlines last week after a shark bit her while she was floating on a boogie board in 18-inches of shallow water in North Carolina. "Today" reports there have been five shark attacks in the state since last sum...The 6-year-old is expected to be able to walk, run and play in about six weeks.

Girl in Good Condition After NC Shark Attack

A 6-year-old girl is giving the thumbs up to Flipper and thumbs down to Jaws after falling victim to a shark attack in North Carolina July 19.
"I hate sharks," she told her parents, according to a statement reported by NBC News. "I like dolphin...
The 6-year-old was on a boogie board in shallow water when she was bitten.

Can I Name a Baby Charlotte in Charlotte?

I'm a first-time mom pregnant with a daughter. Our absolute favorite name is Charlotte. It's just so beautiful! Here's the catch. We live in North Carolina. Charlotte is the largest and most well-known city in our state. Is it out for us? - NC M...

North Carolina School Board to Vote on Removing Busing Policy

To bus or not to bus is the question North Carolina's largest school district faces, as the school board considers whether to continue busing children to achieve economically diverse classrooms, or to move the district's 140,000 students into schoo...

7-year-old girl chases armed robber

Apparently, 7-year-old Alisha works at a convenience store in Reidsville, North Carolina. Well, her mother works there and I guess Alisha was just hanging out when a robber came in. She says this robber had a shirt over his face and began to push but...

Should video games be given 'R' ratings?

The real question is 'should video games be given 'R' ratings even if it means sales of the game would tank?' According to an interesting tidbit from, a North Carolina on-line newspaper, Rock Star Games, who seem to court controver...

UNC sends acceptance letter to wrong students

Ahh, college admissions time. For many high school seniors, now's the time to worry about whether or not your favorite school decided to accept you. For about 2,700 students, now is the time to say "what?" The University of North Carolina made a big ...


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