Does Twilight Send Teen Girls a Bad Message?

The seems to think it does. Twilight, for those of you who've been living under a rock, is the now-big screen movie event of the season based on Stephanie Meyers' novel of the same name. It concerns the romance between a teena...

J. K. Rowling to Raise $30 Million for Orphans?

I never really thought much about J. K. Rowling. Sure, she is a woman and a mom. She's a writer and a celebrity, now, too. She's tackled lawsuits--that's how you know when you've really made it, eh? But I never thought about her personally. Until ...

Send out the clowns

I hate clowns. So does my husband. So does pretty much everyone I've ever polled on the subject. It would seem odd, then, that clowns and their imagery persist in the mainstream at places like birthday parties and circuses. Actually, 'hate' is to...

Reading 'Bed Rest: A Novel' is pure pregnant fun

Bed Rest: A Novel, by Sarah Bilston, is better than I Don't Know How She Does It. Better than The Nanny Diaries. Better than Little Earthquakes. And most of all, better than being on bed rest. I was an English literature major at a serious liberal ar...


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