Women Take it Off - Take it All Off - to Help Kids With Autism

A group of autism activists in Washington state is taking its cue from Jenny McCarthy. No, the women aren't blaming autism on vaccines and food allergies. They're posing nude. McCarthy -- the Playboy Playmate turned autism holy warrior --...

Cindy Crawford Snacks for Her Daughter

Supermodel Cindy Crawford, who by today's crazy standards would probably be considered too big for the catwalk, is determined to keep her daughter from falling into the trap of sacrificing her health for her figure. To ensure that Kaia, 7, is absolut...

Australian artist questioned over nude photos of teens

Authorities in Sydney, Australia have been talking to an artist whose exhibition was scheduled to open last week. The thing is, the show included photographs of teenagers in the nude. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has called the photos "revolting" and ad...

Do you walk around naked in front of your kids?

My parents were never even remotely naked in front of me. My husband's parents didn't walk around in the nude but they didn't try to hide it either. Interestingly enough, we both ended up feeling pretty much the same way about our bodies. I am rem...

Should parents stop their teen from doing nude photos?

There comes a time in every parent's life when she must step back and let her child make her own mistakes. For some, that means letting little Bailey fail that math exam when she stays out with her friends all night. But what if your 18-year-old was ...

You knew this day would come: Pamela Anderson's kids find her nudie pics

It's got to be hard when your mom is any kind of celebrity, but I imagine it's really rough when the primary role your mom has played in society for more than a decade has been serving as masturbation fodder for teenage boys and men with really bad t...


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