HOTmilk Real Woman Model Search

Enter the HOTmilk model search contest and win a photo shoot for February 2011. Credit: HOTmilk HOTmilk, the company that sells fabulous lingerie for pregnant and nursing moms, has announced its "Real Woman Model Search," in a quest ...Pregnant? Nursing? You could be new face of maternity lingerie brand.

Breast-Feeding Prompts Bipartisan Moment

My first night in Washington, D.C., for my husband Sean's Congressional Freshman Orientation, involved a lovely reception and dinner in Statuary Hall. It also involved a cocktail dress that made it impossible for me to nurse my 7-month-old baby. A...Nancy Pelosi and Rachel Campos-Duffy might have wildly different political views, but they do share one important bond: Motherhood.

Breast or Bottle Feeding? No Difference: Moms Are Equally Tired

Bottle feeding or breast-feeding, you're wiped out. Credit: Getty Images
It's either good news or bad news, depending on your perspective: A new study shows that breast-feeding and bottle feeding mothers are equally exhausted.
It's either good news or bad news, depending on your perspective: A new study shows that breast-feeding and bottle feeding mothers are equally exhausted.

Why Breast-Feeding Makes One Mom Squeamish

Not every mom loves breast-feeding. Credit: Getty Images
I nursed E for a year. Exclusively. Not a single drop of formula ever touched her lips; she was weaned to cow's milk after her first birthday. But -- and this isn't something you'll hear...
A second-time mom shares her doubts about the nursing she did the first time around.

Baby Boy: Crib Bedding for Your Little Cowboy

Designing your baby's nursery? Cowboy up! Credit: Getty
Decorating a new baby's nursery can be an exciting time, especially if you have a unique look in mind. Cowboy themes are not only very popular for baby boy crib bedding right now, but t...

Nursing Bras and Nursing Tanks

The right nursing bra is a must-have for new moms. Credit: Getty
Nursing bras aren't just essential items for breastfeeding mothers -- the right bra also can make a nursing woman feel more attractive and comfortable. Most women will want to...

Ben Stiller, Grandparent Wars and More - Links We Love

Family vacations take planning and patience. Photo courtesy School's almost out, which mean's the family road trip is drawing near. If you're traveling with anyone under the age of, oh, 25, you're going to need these tips. -- BabyCenter ...

Motherhood - Did It Change Your Drinking Habits?

Last week, I had dinner with an old friend. We were laughing about her wedding nearly nine years ago, the last of a long string of weddings that summer and one of the best. Newlyweds ourselves, my husband and I made good use of the open bar, spent ou...

Breastfeeding - Does it Protect Kids From Neglect?

Breastfeeding does a baby's body good ... that much we already know. But a 15-year study of over 6,000 Australian children discovered that breastfeeding may benefit babies in another way -- protecting them from neglect. Babies who were breastfed f...

Facebook Still Not Budging on Breastfeeding Photos

Last year, when Facebook started removing pictures of mothers breastfeeding, I thought they were very brave. Wrong, mind you. And stupid. But also brave. Because when mothers gather -- especially mothers who are passionate about something -- they ...

Gwyneth Paltrow - Did She or Didn't She?

Pregnancy changes things, that's a fact. When it comes to breasts, it can really change things for some women. Suddenly, things that used to perk suddenly point south. You hope upon hope that after you finish breastfeeding, everything will return to ...

Breastfeeding and Allergies - Did You Have to Change Your Diet?

My cousin and I sat together at a restaurant recently, drooling over the chocolate cake our family was passing around. "I can't have it because I gave up chocolate," I said. "I can't have it because my newborn is allergic to it," she replied. ...

Sagging? Don't blame breastfeeding

(Click the photo to find out which celebs breastfed their babies) When making the decision whether to breastfeed or not, there are plenty of factors to take into consideration. But there's one concern women can cross of their list -- sagging breast...

Jamie Lynn Spears denies pregnancy rumors

For a minute there, it seemed like another Spears sister would be singing, "Oops, I did it again." Yesterday, the National Enquirer was reporting that Jamie Lynn Spears was pregnant again, just four months after the 17-year-old gave birth to daughter...

Breast milk lacks vitamin D

Is there a downside to breastfeeding? A new report from the New York Times might have you thinking so. In a recent article, several studies monitoring a lack of vitamin D in infants might support that breastmilk is not enough to prevent things like ...


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