Nurturing Helps Baby's Development, Studies Say

A mom's caring can help diminish any prenatal stresses a baby may face once out in the world. Credit: Damon Dahlen, AOL
Go on, give your baby those few extra hugs and kisses today. Not only will the added affection make you feel good, but two...

Babies or Chimps - Who is Smarter?

Is your baby smarter than a chimpanzee? Perhaps you've never considered the question, but now that I've put it out there, don't you want to know? When chimps get enough nurturing affection from a human mother, their brain power can surpass that of...

Breastfeeding - Does it Protect Kids From Neglect?

Breastfeeding does a baby's body good ... that much we already know. But a 15-year study of over 6,000 Australian children discovered that breastfeeding may benefit babies in another way -- protecting them from neglect. Babies who were breastfed f...

The economics of love

Actor, comedian and some-time eyedrop commercial maker Ben Stein, who once offered America the chance to win his money, has written a funny and telling article over at the New York Times. Most of us know by now the man who is most famous for asking ...

Do you mother your husband?

My father was an intelligent and physically capable man who could fix just about anything. If he couldn't fix something, he would just build a new one. In other words, he was good with his hands. But every night at dinner, my father would sit back wi...


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