Common Allergy Culprits in Children

Dear Karla, My son has eczema all over his face and very bad asthma. Do you think it could be the milk he is drinking? Amanda Amanda, In Canada, 12 - 25 per cent of children suffer from eczema, with 90 per cent of cases occurring before a chi...

A Handful of Walnuts Packs a Big Nutritional Punch

Break out the nut crackers -- it's time to add more walnuts to your family's diet. Walnuts are a perfect food to add a little extra crunch to any meal, or to enjoy as a snack during the day. They have a unique flavour, not to mention some serious nut...

Diplomats set new safety standards for formula, nuts and gluten

Diplomats in Geneva recently set new limits on the amount of certain kinds of bacteria allowable in baby formula as well as the level of natural toxins in some types of nuts. They also tackled the amount of gluten permissible in products labeled 'gl...

Teaching little kids good eating habits really does pay off

At six years old, Ellie already knows about good fat, bad fat, protein, empty calories, etc. She's a rather picky eater, so we have lots of conversations about what is good for you and what is not. My hope is that these lessons will help her make hea...

Debate over peanut ban in school

If a child has a severe allergic reaction to a specific food, should his school ban that specific item for all other students? That question is at the center of debate at a Connecticut elementary school whose officials have barred anyone from bringin...


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