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Obama Girls Get Their Dog

So what was in your Easter basket? Jelly beans, perhaps? Peeps? (I like Peeps.) A chocolate bunny or four? How about a puppy? Sasha and Malia got their very own Easter Beagle yesterday – well, Easter Portuguese Water Dog. Close enough. Th...

Sasha And Malia Get Surprise Swing Set

The adorable first daughters had a nice surprise when they got home from school yesterday. Not the puppy (not yet, anyway), but something almost as good -- a brand new wooden swing set. They squealed with delight upon seeing it, said a spokeswoman...

Clinton ad girl makes her own ad

Remember Casey Knowles, the girl whose stock video from eight years ago turned up in a Hillary Clinton ad even though she is now a staunch Obama supporter? The Clinton ad, of course, did nothing wrong -- stock video is there to be used for just abo...


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