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Using a Bottle at Age 2 Can Mean Obese by Kindergarten, Study Finds

Kids still drinking from a bottle at the age of two could end up obese. Credit: Getty Images Back away from the bottle. Researchers have found many clues as to what helps make kids fat, and the latest is serving your toddler a bottle...If your 2-year-old still drinks a bottle, she could end up obese by 5 1/2.

Obese kids miss more school

A new study from the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University finds that being overweight is the best predictor for school absenteeism. Researchers say that elementary school kids who are obese miss more school days than their normal-weight c...

The thin line between encouraging kids to eat and obesity

Poor kids! They are often chastised for not finishing their meals, yet research shows that more and more are becoming obese. What should we do? A study in the September issue of The Journal of Pediatrics evaluated the role of mothers prompting their ...

Intense workouts better for kids

A study from Finland reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (and summarized by Reuters Health) suggested that sustained, vigorous exercise may be more effective than lower-intensity activity in helping children avoid obesity and stay ...

Obese children more likely to get bone fractures

The National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland has released some information indicating that heavier children are far more likely to experience bone fractures than their trimmer peers. After reviewing medical charts from 227 overweight and ...


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