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Obese Teens Just as Likely to Have Sex, Drink, Smoke as Their Thinner Peers, Study Shows

Watch what our healthy families are doing to stay in shape!
A new study suggests obese teens engage in the same risky social behaviors as their svelte peers. Credit: Getty Images
Why should sex, smoking and boozing be the privilege...
Obese teens party just as hard as their skinnier classmates.

High Cholesterol Found in 1 out of 5 Teens

High cholesterol doesn't just affect adults. Credit: Getty Images
Does your teen have high cholesterol? Before you say, "Of course not," consider this: A national survey of blood-cholesterol levels in U.S. teenagers found that more than 20 percen...

Teens resorting to risky surgery to reduce obesity

Yes, unless you live under an especially heavy rock, every body has heard about the ever growing epidemic of childhood obesity. There are weight camps, weight loss clubs, out right parental bribes. But a desperate attempt to lose weight that is growi...

Talking to kids about their weight

Writing in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, Dr. Benjamin Brewer offered some tips for talking to kids about their weight problems. He began by noting that about one of every four kids he saw was overweight and probably one in 10 was severely obese....


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