obesity in kids 

Higher Obesity Risk for Children Watched by Grandparents

As busy working parents with two young children, my wife and I have often considered leaving our kids with their grandparents instead of daycare. When they were really young, it seemed like the rational choice. Our kids would be supervised by lovin...

Working on their fitness: American kids and personal trainers

I had a personal trainer for about a month. It hurt and I still had cellulite and so I ditched the gym and just stuck with running. I really can't see any reason to visit a personal trainer except for: a) vanity and b) lack of personal willpower c) n...

7 year-old girl weighs 400 pounds: child abuse?

The epidemic of child obesity in North America has been devoured and spit out by the media a million and thirty two times. We already know that so many of our kids eat too much and play too little. It's easy to offer a black and white opinion, like I...


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