Parent's Stress Has Major Impact on Children and Family, Survey Finds

Studies show parents' stress has a big impact on kids. Credit: Corbis Think you're good at hiding your stress from your children, or that your kids aren't affected by your freak-outs? Sorry, they're on to you. Parents tend to unde...Feeling stressed? Join the club -- and make room for your kids, too.

So Much for the Freshman 15: Student Bodies Continue to Plump Up Through Senior Year

The Freshman 15 can be followed by the Senior 16. Credit: Getty Images
The prospect of plumping up during freshman year is a rite of passage, but the calories from nights spent beer drinking, eating Ding Dongs and snarfing late-night calzones con...
Big Man On Campus? He's getting even bigger by senior year.

Obese Teens Grow Into Severely Obese Adults, Study Finds

An obese teen likely will become a severely obese adult. Credit: Altrendo Images, Getty Images
If you're worried that your overweight teen may have a long, difficult struggle ahead of her, there's probably good reason for your concern. Being...
The key is to avoid becoming obese in the first place.

Study Shows 1 In 4 Kids Younger Than 12 Is on a Diet

Does your kid really need to be on a diet? Credit: Getty Images
In light of America's child obesity epidemic, it sounds like good news: A quarter of all kids younger than 12 is on a diet of some kind, according to a recent study. A question lo...
Those diapers are looking tight. Time to go on a diet, little one.

Think Your Kids Kicked the Soda Habit? Better Check School's Cafeteria, Survey Says

Soda and other high calorie beverages are widely available to elementary school kids. Credit: Spencer Platt, Getty Images
If you think your kid's diet is soda-free because you've banished the drinks from your refrigerator, you may want to take a ...
Is your child drinking milk or soda at school? You might be surprised.

When Parents Work Out, Kids Stay Slim, Study Says

Set a healthy example for your kids. Credit: Getty Images
No mom wants to see her kid's bare-bellied flab making its TV debut on "The Biggest Loser." But before you head to the gym for Mommy/Baby Zumba, consider a new study that finds it's only t...
Moms can skip the Mommy & Me yoga and just take an adults-only class to keep their kids svelte, study shows.

Overweight Kids Face the Grim Reaper - Or Just 'Mass' Hysteria?

Fast-food culture isn't helping our kids' hearts. Credit: David McNew/Getty Images
"The round, roly-poly boys are the jolly boys and make the best providers, psychologists believe. Is it true that, 'Everbody loves a fat man?' " -- "The Feature Wr...
Researchers say obese kids are ticking time bombs, but one author says it's people's fears that are bloated.

Moms Underestimate Influence on Kids' Obesity

Moms have a big effect on obesity in children. Credit: Getty Images
Sure, you know your behavior influences what your kids do -- that's why you don't regale them with tales of your college drug haze or those one-night stands you had in your 20s. ...
Most moms in the United States underestimate their ability to help prevent obesity in their children, according to a recent survey by HealthyWomen, a leading women's health website.

Get Gastric Bypass Surgery Now, Have Deformed, Brain-Damaged Babies Later

The long-term risks of gastric bypass surgery are largely unknown. Credit: Angelo Cavalli/Getty Images
Gastric bypass surgery may help teenage girls squeeze into their prom dresses -- if they don't mind having deformed and brain-damaged children ...
Exercise more and eat less? What teen wants to do that? But a new report shows girls who go under the knife risk losing the ability to absorb enough of a vitamin needed to have healthy babies.

Forget Fast Food and Xbox: Common Cold May Cause Obesity in Kids

Do sniffles translate into pounds? Credit: Getty Images
Quarter Pounders, super-sized soft drinks and too many hours in front of the Xbox used to be blamed for the epidemic of childhood obesity. But the latest research points to a new culprit...
Childhood obesity may be an infectious disease transmitted by a common cold virus, according to a new study reported on MSNBC.com.

Non-Approved Weight Loss Surgery Gaining Among Adolescents

When it comes to weight loss, more adolescents are opting for the surgical solution. Credit: Getty Images
Bariatric surgery -- surgery that reduces the size of the stomach -- has gone mainstream. Billboards scream its benefits. Celebrities such a...
Increasingly, kids are opting for surgery -- though not without controversy.

Obesity Rates May Be Higher as Parents Go Light When Reporting Kid's Weight

More than 23 million U.S. kids and teenagers are battling obesity. Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Fibbing about your weight on your driver's license? That's practically the norm. Under-reporting how much your kids weigh? Apparently, that...
Fibbing about your weight on your driver's license? That's practically the norm. Under-reporting how much your kids weigh? Apparently, that's not uncommon, either.

Lack of Sleep in Babies a Cause of Childhood Obesity, Study Finds

Extra winks today may help stave off extra pounds tomorrow. Credit: Getty Images
As if parents weren't stressed enough about their kids not getting enough sleep at night, now there's a whole new reason to worry. Babies and preschoolers who d...
As if parents weren't stressed enough about their kids not getting enough sleep at night, now there's a whole new reason to worry. Babies and preschoolers who don't get at least 10 hours of sleep at night may be significantly more at risk for developing childhood obesity, according to a new study.

Too Much Weight Gain in Pregnancy Leads to Heavy Babies

Watch the scale during pregnancy. Credit: Getty Images
Don't want your kids to be overweight? Then watch what you put in your mouth during pregnancy. A new study shows that women who gain too much weight while they're pregnant are likely to h...

British Retailer Offers Clothes for the Horizontally-Challenged Child

Perhaps you're familiar with the French cookies known as Le Petit Ecolier (translation: The Little Schoolboy). Across the channel in Great Britain, the name might have to be changed to Le Grande Ecolier. A number of schoolboys have apparently ma...


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