The best (unscary) Halloween movies for kids

When it comes to Halloween, television and film are no exception to trying to up the ante every year in terms of providing us with entertainment and thrills. Most of the time, this involves yet another installation of the Saw franchise, which is...

Some cereals are more than HALF sugar!

I doubt any parent thinks of a product called "Sugar Smacks" as nutritious. We reserve that kind of labeling for cereals that have no taste or taste like compacted sawdust. Still, would it surprise you to find out that many cereals, especially tho...

Rebecca Romijn's twins most likely will be early

Here's a newsflash--a celebrity who will have her child, or in this case, children, early! Most celebrities never make it through the ninth month or pregnancy, opting for c-sections at the eighth month in order to avoid getting ginormous during the ...

Do you hate the holidays?

Well, perhaps HATE is too strong a word. How about "severely dislike?" How about "diametrically opposed to?" How about...just sick of them...already??? About three weeks ago I was walking back to work after running an errand at lunch and I hear...

Image of the Day: Beauty in the grass

October first is upon us and the change of seasons is in full swing in many locations. If your leaves aren't already turning, the chances are that the temperatures are cooling and the days are definitely getting just a bit shorter. This is the time o...

Too early for Halloween?

So, several weeks ago, at the beginning of August, I found myself once again in the aisles of Babies R Us. I guess I spend most of my weekends traveling to and from BRU to pick up on thing or another. At the front of this store, conveniently locate...


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