How Your Son Could End Up on the Sex Offender List

Let's say your son turns 18. He gets a job at the local carnival, running the ride where the kids lie face down and spin around till they shriek with delight (or puke). Before each ride he has to buckle the kids in so they don't fly out. But then -...

A Cub Scout Badge for Video Games?!

A Cub Scout badge for video games? What next? Troop hikes to GameStop? Wienie roasts on the Wii? "On my honor I will try ... to blow away more virtual grunts"? "We are not encouraging them to go out and buy Halo," says Renee Fairrer, spokes...

Opinion: Let Levi Johnston's Sister See Baby Tripp

Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin in happier times. Johnston's sister claims the Palins won't let her see the former couple's child. Credit: Getty Images
Mercede Johnston wants to see her nephew, Tripp, but his politically connected family is s...

How 'CSI' Changed Parenting

Ever wonder why your parents let you play outside and maybe even walk to piano lessons, but now those things seem incredibly scary? The answer could be "CSI." Well, not just "CSI," but the fact is: when we watch scary shows like it, and "Law &am...

Opinion: Bottle Up the Bad-Mouthing and Leave Suri Cruise Alone

Stop hatin' on little Suri. Credit: KORPA, Bauer-Griffin
Poor Suri Cruise just can't catch a break. She was spotted with a baby bottle in her mouth last week in New York City, where mom Katie Holmes is shooting "Son of No One" -- and boy, oh ...

Is It Wrong to Make Your Kid Hug a Relative?

"Child Predators Love Polite Kids." That's the title of this tip sheet for parents, and it's also something you hear a lot: Don't make your kid kiss grandma, or hug Uncle Fester, because when you do the child gets the message, "I must submit to any...

Baby Formula is Not Rat Poison

Do you think we could maybe take a break from beating up non-breastfeeders? Formula is not rat poison. The moms who use it are not Simlac abusers. In fact, they are the majority of us: Only 14 percent of American women are exclusively breastfeeding...

Are Parents To Blame When A Kid Gets Molested?

Should parents be blamed -- or even prosecuted -- if they allow their child to go on an overnight where he ends up molested? Yes, says the head of the Boy Scouts council for Portland, Oregon. No, says me. No more than parents should be blamed if...


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