Just What Opera Was Missing: Baby Noises

"BabyO" combines recorded music with live singing. Credit: Getty Images Mark Twain was no fan of opera. After watching a performance of Giuseppe Verdi's "Travatore," the author quipped it contained "that sort of intense but incoherent n...British opera invites babies to babble as incomprehensibly as adults.

Fifty years of the wabbit

It's a classic. It was voted, by those who know, as the best ever. And you probably don't even know its name. I know I didn't. Just for the record, it's called "What's Opera, Doc?" and it is the greatest cartoon of all. Furthermore, It's now fifty ye...

For your little viking

When I was a kid, I figured out pretty quick that all that sex and violence and other good stuff I wasn't allowed to see in movies was A-okay when presented in the form of an opera. Woohoo! Not all operas (most, in fact) consist of large women in vik...


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