David Letterman's kid doesn't get his jokes

David Letterman keeps his personal life pretty quiet. He's a famous guy with a longtime girlfriend and a child, but you never really hear about them. But leave it to Oprah Winfrey to get him to open up a little about his life, including his role as d...

Oprah's fortune going to the dogs

According to Woman's Day, Oprah Winfrey is following in the steps of Leona Helmsley and leaving her pets millions if she dies before they do. The pet-loving television mogul is said to have set up a trust fund worth $30 million to keep her five dogs ...

Another South African school by Oprah

Amid criticism from parents and students attending her Leadership Academy for Girls, Oprah Winfrey has opened another school in South Africa. The Seven Fountains Primary School, built in the remote town of Kokstad, replaces an existing school which w...

Oprah's 40 million dollar school about to open

Why do people hate Oprah? Honestly, I have half a dozen friends (mostly guys, and I'm not sure why) that hate Oprah so much they cannot bear to hear her voice. They say she's arrogant and flaunts her wealth and I say she can file her toe nails in fro...

Oprah Winfrey names the girls to attend her free school

You know, I want to believe that Oprah is just all hype, but she's making it really impossible to. Ecorazzi (a blog on the latest in green gossip -- how cool is that?) is reporting that Oprah has named the first 73 girls to attend a school in South A...

Forbes names top ten most generous celebrities

Forbes Magazine has recently named the top ten most generous celebrities in the world -- and their acts of charity are impressive.  Not surprisingly, Angelina Jolie makes an appearance on the unranked list, but so do Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oprah...

Lance Armstrong's ex, Kristin Richards, tried to be "perfect mother"

Kristin Richard, formerly known as Mrs. Lance Armstrong, recently spoke to Oprah Winfrey about her marriage to the world's most famous cyclist. I suppose, without having known any of the details, I just assumed that Lance had initiated the split. But...

Student essay draws Secret Service to school for President, Oprah threat

You know, I've read a ton of parenting advice books, and for the life of me I've never seen one that contained a section urging parents to warn their kids NOT to joke about killing the President of the United States. Perhaps that explains this story ...


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