Farmer Steve's Organic Microwave Popcorn

Once you pop organic, you'll never want anything else. Credit: Amwell Valley Organic Grains
In 2007, there was a big push for microwave popcorn manufacturers to stop using diacetyl, an ingredient in artificial...
A friend recently turned us on to Farmer Steve's Popcorn, and our microwave has been popping with excitement ever since.

Zutano Organics

Zutano's organic "Forest Fun" collection is sure to bring tidings of joy. Credit: Zutano
Is there a little fashionista on your holiday list this season? Treat her -- or him -- to Zutano's new organic line. Pieces from the Vermont-based childre...
Is there a little fashionista on your holiday list this season? Treat her -- or him -- to Zutano's new organic line.

Eco-Friendly Mats Make Nap Time Healthier

Cotton beats vinyl every time. Credit: SewnNatural
Say no to PVC, phthalates and any other nasty toxins that may be lurking in your child's vinyl or polyester nap mat. SewnNatural carries a full line of eco-friendly nap mats that are perfect...

Father's Day Gift Pick: Organic Home Beer Brewing Kit

Dad gets bragging rights for brewing up his own beer. Credit: Seven Bridges Cooperative
If being the resident grillmaster isn't enough for your DIY dad, add brewmaster to his list of credentials, and watch as he quenches his thirst with a col...

No More Brown Bags

Ditch the boring brown bags. Credit: Fluf
The school year is almost over, and soon you'll get a break from packing school lunches -- just in time to start packing camp lunches. Unfortunately, we can't assemble sandwiches for you, but we can int...

Green Kids Clothes: You Have to Spend (Cash) to Save (the Planet)

Organic styles for kids can be hip -- just check out Tomat's cassette tank, $24, and Misha Blue's bird tank dress, $48, Credit: /
We try really, really hard to remember to bring our reusable totes to the grocer...

Green To-Go: BabyBjorn Organic Baby Carrier

Cradle your bundle in an Earth-friendly carrier. Credit: BabyBjorn
If you've got a baby, chances are you've got a Bjorn. So good news for eco-conscious moms: BabyBjorn has just introduced a green line of carriers and bouncers made from cert...

Kerri Walsh, Gross Moms, and May Day - Links We Love

Can't afford organics in today's economy? One mom explains why she stretches her food dollar to include healthy foods, but doesn't include organics. -- Babble Friday is May Day, a great time to teach your kids a new tradition. Share flowers wit...

Peanut Butter Recall Hurts Sales

Peanut Butter is more than just your child's lunch/allergy. It's big business. With the recent recall of tainted PB, big name brands like Jif and Peter Pan have seen a drop in sales of at least 20 percent, according to a report by CNN, while the g...

11-year-old forced to shut down veggie stand

Lemonade stands are a rite of passage for kids, their first foray into the world of entrepreneurship. Kids may haul out a table and chair in front of their house to earn a little spare change, or they may have more elaborate setups to raise funds for...

How to have a green pregnancy

To some women the thought of a "green" pregnancy conjures up images of nausea, vomiting and general discomfort. That's thankfully not what we're talking about here. As the green movement to save our environment continues to sweep the nation, check o...

Too sweet? Organic baby formula

Organic, by definition, means "not likely to harm our babies with pesticides or food additives." Ok, that's not the technical definition, but when many parents choose an organic product, they usually do so with their family's health and well-being in...

A mom takes on children's allergies

A recent article in the New York Times struck a chord with me. It concerned a mom, Robyn O'Brien, her four kids--one of whom has a food allergy--and big business food companies. According to the research Robyn has done, she feels that food allergies...

Nest Products: modern, sustainable and fun

After receiving the Jax Organic Chair as a Christmas gift, I've spent some time looking around Nest Products' website and learning about their responsibly-made products. All of Nest's products are environmentally friendly, and they do a great job of ...

Hanna Andersson Organic Cotton Long Johns

With the brand new arrival of my nephew, this holiday season will include both of our little boys at our families' Christmas Eve dinner. Tradition has it that the little ones receive one present before bed while donning their finest, new holiday-them...


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