Parent Tip: A portable kid medical dossier is handy

Back when I used to watch Desperate Housewives (Season 1, before they got all freaky and had characters locked in basements) I was a Bree Van de Camp fan. Bree was Martha Stewart-like in her perfection and while she was a bit neurotic, she did have s...

Box4Blox: Lego tamed

If you find yourself with Lego's everywhere because you your kids dumped them all over the floor to find that elusive yellow 1-by-3 sloped piece needed to finish your their masterpiece, then head on over to the Box4Blox website. This unit consists of...

How organized is your day?

Just the other day, we were at the store when I noticed the world's largest can of corn. At that moment, a part of me thought how much fun it would be to have a need for a large can of corn. "That can of corn almost makes me want to have a big family...

One of the ways in which I am slowly going insane

I am not an organized person. While it stresses me out, I think somehow, a part of me must enjoy living in chaos, because any attempt I make at bringing order to the mayhem slowly erodes until I'm right back where I started, completely unhinged. My...

Where do you do your thinking?

Most days I find that life is so hectic that I can barely think. It seems as though there is always a ringing phone, a diaper to change, a sibling squabble to settle or some laundry to fold andI just can't finish a single thought. At night I am too f...

Everett's room, a photo essay

Finally I have, after months and months, ok, years, of poor planning, of mess, and jumble, and piles of mis-matched toys, I have organization. It's a beautiful thing. And I had almost nothing to do with it. I'll tell you about it, though. Take a spin...

My new get-organized plan, brought to you by The Container Store

Like most people, one of my new year's resolutions is to become more organized.  My first area of attack?  My daughter's bedroom. Her room is a nightmare.  It's like where brightly-coloured plastic goes to die.  It makes me insane...


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